Will the Skoda Scala be a successful model? Be clear that it will be quite profitable

Skoda Scala Blue

The Skoda Scala is a new compact model that arrives using the MQB-A0 platform . The Spaceback disappears and the Scala aims to cover the gap that existed between it and the Octavia, that is, a traditional compact. Below you already have it covered with the Fabia. The Czech firm must already be rubbing its hands, as the first units are starting to leave the factory Mladá Boleslav.

This is the first car of the brand to use the MQB-A0 platform, the same to which other models of the Volkswagen Group such as the Volkswagen Polo or the Seat Arona resort. Although we have not yet been able to prove it logically, we believe that the possible strategy Skoda with this model is more than interesting and intelligent .

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While the Group models that have used this platform belong to lower segments -B and B-SUV-, the Skoda Scala is a segment C. This means that may not have a care for the details as demanding as a Volkswagen Golf, and probably also below the Lion. I mean insulation, interior finishes, etc. You already know, feelings of perceived quality .

Rear Skoda Scala
The Volkswagen Golf, Seat León and Audi A3 will also receive generational relief in 2019.

However, the Scala will be very similar in terms of exterior size, but you will enjoy a similar interior space to your " cousins ​​"German and Spanish who are about to arrive. According to our intuitions, this can be translated in that it will offer a generous interior and boot, but that the production price will be more affordable than that of its VAG cousins. Skoda would have enough room to play with the price and good profit margins.

We recall that the Skoda Scala measures 4.36 meters long. The battle is 2.65 meters, which ensures good space for legs in the rear seats. Meanwhile, its trunk cubes 467 liters, which are practically 90 more than those declared by the Golf and León (380 liters).

This would mean that the Skoda Scala can offer a fairly competitive price > (cheaper than the Seat Leon) and, at the same time, be quite profitable for the company. In addition, we already know that the Volkswagen Group has a good reputation in Europe and that Skoda is considered an "economic" brand but as an intelligent purchase within VAG. At least that's the way it is in Spain. Seeing your data, it seems a practical and logical car. If we add that you will probably enjoy a contained price, what else do you need to succeed?

Position Driving the Skoda Scala

We might not see the Skoda Scala in the sales top3 of its segment, but this does not mean it is not a successful model for the company. For the brand it will be a successful model if you get a good economic return which, after all, is what every company is looking for.

At the moment, the Skoda Scala You can buy with three engines TSI (95, 115 and 150 HP), as well as with a TDI diesel (115 HP).You can also have Full LED lighting.

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