The Mercedes E Class E 300, the petrol plug with 235 HP, is already price

Mercedes E-Class 300 and lateral plug-in hybrid

The saloon for the segment E Mercedes, the Mercedes E-Class, already has in its range two very different plug-in versions. On the one hand there is the E 300 of and, on the other, the new Mercedes E Class E 300 e . Both offer more than 50 kilometers of electric autonomy, which gives them the famous distinctive "Zero Emissions" of the DGT , with all the advantages that entails.

If you ask due to the differences between the two you should know that while this new Mercedes E Class E 300 e uses a gasoline thermal engine, the E 300 is associated with a diesel engine. Other details of importance are that the E 300 e is the successor of the previous E 350 e , and that while the diesel plug-in hybrid is offered in both the saloon body and the familiar Estate, the gasoline only It is available in the four-door.

Mercedes E-Class 300 and hybrid plug-in instrument box

The plug-in hybrid sedan with petrol thermal engine uses a 4 in-line supercharged 1,991 cc that develops 211 hp and 350 Nm. This engine is associated with the electric propeller of 90 Kw (122 hp) and 440 Nm, which is located in the 9G-Tronic transmission system . Altogether, the resulting energy is a power of 235 HP and a torque of 700 Nm .

Compared to the E 350 e, the high-voltage battery offers 13.5 kWh and, in case of using a Wallbox, it can recharge the 10 to 100% load in only one and a half hours. Using a conventional household plug takes about 5 hours.
Mercedes E-Class 300 and hybrid plug-in dynamics

Regarding the performance , this Mercedes E Class E 300 e can reach 250 km/h and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds Its approved electric autonomy is 50 kilometers, and the mixed consumption of gasoline is 2.1 l/100 km. Using only the electric propeller can reach 130 km/h .

In the case of a sedan for premium segment E and with this plug-in technology, I suppose you would imagine that the Price is not the most acceptable for most of us. The plug-in hybrid with petrol engine of the E-Class starts from 65.750 euros.

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