The restyling of the Nissan Rogue Sport, our Qashqai, shines in Chicago

Nissan Rogue Sport 2019

Since the 2007 Nissan Qashqai strong> will reach the market, there is no one to lower it from the number one sales. The one considered as the "first SUV" is a very important model for the firm, since it was taken out of the ruin. However, the scope of the Qashqai is not limited to Europe, since United States is a real heartbreaker. There, the Nissan Rogue Sport , which is what it's called, is one of the best-selling models in its segment.

That being so, it's no wonder that Nissan > want to pamper your way to Rogue Sport . The intention is simple and clear: to continue in the first positions of sales in the American country. Thus, taking advantage of the fact that the Chicago Motor Show opened its doors a few days ago, they have presented a slight restyling. In this case, they have focused their attention on polishing some aesthetic , technological and security elements.

Rogue Sport = Qashqai ≠ mechanical range

Nissan Rogue Sport 2019

If you look at the Nissan Rogue Sport , do not You have to be a lynx to realize that it is a copy of the European Qashqai. Unlike the previous generation, where each model maintained certain features of its own, they have now opted for a global image. In it, we find the well-known grill VMotion together with optical groups with LED technology. Rounding out the design changes are brand new alloy wheels, Cherry tone and a new rear bumper .

Inside the refurbished Nissan Rogue Sport Changes are also coming, although in terms of security. So, now it goes on to incorporate the Nissan Safety Shield 360 system. This help includes autonomous braking system in city , alert for unintentional lane change, detection of objects in neutral, pedestrian recognition or rear cross traffic alert. The quality or arrangement of controls and elements does not change, keeping the same screen for the infotainment system that we already know.

 Nissan Rogue Sport 2019

Regarding the mechanical offer , the Rogue Sport does distance itself from the European version. The American version revolves around the gasoline block four cylinders of atmospheric suction with 2.0 liters of displacement. Its power is 143 hp and is linked to an automatic transmission by Xtronic continuous drive. The power to the ground can arrive through the previous axis or thanks to the system of total traction of the brand.

The arrival to the American market of the Nissan Rogue Sport will occur in the next months